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What Types of Tech Startups Do We Have Here in Georgia?

Many people are of the belief that new tech companies and startups are based in Silicon Valley, or one of the larger US cities like New York, Los Angeles, or Boston. However, Atlanta and other Georgia cities have seen an influx of new start-up companies looking to change the thought that a company must be based in Silicon Valley in order to be successful. The types of tech startups in Georgia range from new software technologies and cloud computing to apps for games, productivity and entertainment. Georgia startup companies are bringing it all.

Just How Many Startups Are In Georgia?

Georgia is currently home to several up and coming tech startups, in many different fields. There are currently 554 members of Startup Georgia, a regional chapter of the Startup America Partnership, an entrepreneur-led, statewide initiative organization whose charter is to celebrate Georgia’s entrepreneurial community. Those 554 members have an annual revenue of $219,903,248, with their taxes directly benefiting the cities in Georgia. The majority of these companies are technology related, with about 150 such startups. Other industries represented are consulting, retail, media and entertainment companies. Of these, 56% are minority owned, and 37% are owned by women.

Well Known Startups

Probably the best known of all Georgia startups in MailChimp. More than three million customers use MailChimp to design, send and track their email marketing campaigns. MailChimp is a hometown favorite that has been supporting new development projects and arts organizations in Atlanta since its launch.

Another successful and well known Georgia startup is TripLingo. TripLingo is a foreign language translation program that is both web and application based. Despite having a small staff, TripLingo was considered “One of the most groundbreaking inventions of 2011” by Business Insider.

Startups to Watch

One startup to watch is URUUT, which provides a new platform to approach funding for non-profit organizations. The company’s approach gives organizations access to available every possible funding source, all in one place.

Another startup to keep an eye on is Double the Donation, a philanthropic company that takes advantage of the billions of dollars in corporate matching that go unused. Non-profit organizations are now able to key in their information and make themselves available to receive some of those funds.

Don’t Count Georgia Out

When most people think of Georgia, peaches come to mind. However, we are seeing a paradigm shift in that thinking. With all the types of startups in Georgia, we are seeing a new hub of startup and entrepreneurship grow in the Southeast. More and more new businesses are deciding to call Georgia their home, which is an excellent opportunity for both employees and consumers alike.