Popular Tech Startups in Georgia

Popular Tech Startups in Georgia: How a Chimp with Mail Made the South Proud

Technology is an ever moving, ever evolving and an ever growing field. From the I-whatever to the E-whatever there seems to be no limit to what mankind can do with the press of a button (which is fortunate, because as a species we do like to press buttons.)

Brining Silicone Valley Home to the Peach State

Unfortunately, this ever-everything field has a frustrating tendency to seem like a faraway industry. But while it may seem distant, Georgia has no need to feel disconnected from these growth industries. In fact, Atlanta alone has given the great south several Popular Tech Startups in Georgia to be proud of. MailChimp and ScoutMob being the most well known and most well recognized. Both companies bloomed from Peach State and both have grown to become nationwide powerhouses in the technology world. MailChimp alone boasts 1,000,000 users while ScoutMob pulls money like a sneaky mobster (sporting a whopping $15 million in 2011.)

In fact, Atlanta is also the home port to several other well-known tech startups such as Khush, Cloud Sherpas, SoloHealth, Twitpay, and TripLingo. Each company has taken the tech world by storm and proven the power of the little guy really does have no limit when it comes to potential.

So Why Do Some Thrive and Others Die?

It can be very difficult to accurately call which companies will make it big and which ones will far hard. It’s doubtful anyone really expected some site that limits your characters to 180 a message and is named after a sound a bird makes to really take the world by storm. Especially when there already existed such powerful names in the social media realm. But hey, now who doesn’t tweet? And while the younger generation may be forever convinced that “U” is a perfectly acceptable replacement for “You,” Twitter is now a viable source for news and quick communication.

Ultimately, success starts at the beginning and is hardly determined near the end. In the end, success boils down to three main headings: Originality, versatility, and ease of access. These three key principals have a strong bearing on the potential of a company. Customers are looking for sites that allow them to do many things at once – a fact indicative of our overall society. Seriously, fifty years ago the world was astounded by the power of the television. That magical device could read a signal from somewhere else in the world and display it in my living room. Now, my TV can connect to internet, play Netflix, can read both BluRay and DVDs and tell me the weather.