Issa Asad Tells You Things to Know Before
Becoming a Technology Entrepreneur

Deciding to be a technology entrepreneur means deciding to take on all sorts of challenges you can’t even imagine right now. It’s true that a lot of people hate their jobs but that doesn’t mean they hate the security that those jobs provide. Among other things, when you’re on your own, you are the only one responsible for what happens.

Iā€™m Issa Asad, and I am a telecommunications and technology entrepreneur. I have over 15 years of experience in the telecom and technology industries and I know that being responsible for your own actions is challenging at first.

That lack of support becomes far more important when it hits home that you and you alone are responsible for your income. This is a specific reality that most people have a hard time understanding. So hopefully you haven’t yet quit your day job. It’s better to do your planning, prep and foundation building while you’re still earning reliable money at work.

One thing you must be aware of at all times when you’re a technology entrepreneur is your budget. You probably know this, but it’s very easy to get sucked into technology business tools. Just one more that looks really cool and helpful, and doesn’t cost much, can become a little addictive. You should, first of all, ask if there’s not a cost free way to perform this task. Also ask if you’re likely to be still using it a month from now or if it will just lie dormant on your desktop.

For example, I have asked myself, ā€œIssa Asad, do you really need that tool, or will it just be a waste of money in the long run?ā€ These decisions will certainly help you more in the long run than buying a new tool.

Estimate how much time it’s going to take to implement this tool or resource, and if it’s going to be worth the expense. If you tend to purchase lots of appealing tools and gadgets, you should learn to reign yourself in so you stay within your budget.

Always keep alert for those people who can become a key person in your business or market. Do some brainstorming on ways you could meet such people. One way to interact with people you want to meet is to attend events where you know they’ll be present, such as conventions or business conferences. Certain celebrities in any industry are difficult to get close to, as everyone is trying to meet them. Don’t expect to become this person’s new best friend overnight; you have to build up a relationship with them gradually, even if it’s on a forum or social network. The thing about this approach is you may only need one person to open things up for you.

This might certainly not seem to be that essential at this point, although gradually you are going to understand exactly how essential it is. Whatever you choose to perform with all your technological innovation work, write out this quality of people work to help you find out more about them. You should use an effective and also brief description of the organization you are working as well as hope to work later on.

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